Frangia Hotel & Residences

Perched on a stunning plateau 150m from the beach, on a total area of 21,201m2, Frangia Hotel and Residences will be developed as a luxury 5* boutique hotel with 26 luxury village units and 9 luxury villas each with a private pool.


The conceptual design and architecture of this development was strongly influenced by the hallmark stone tower villages of the Mani. Looking at the development from a distance, the impression is created that the village has been sat on this dominant hill for centuries, seamlessly blending into the landscape. The plans preserve these historic styles and occasionally combined them with new stone elements, such as gabions.


The vision was to create a gated community with contemporary architecture that blends seamlessly into the area while incorporating modern design.


Kardamyli / Stoupa, Mani, Greece


October 20, 2019


Greece, Hotels